Four Tips for Preparing a Frameless Shower

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Your shower isn’t automatically ready to be installed with frameless glass. As with all construction, there are steps you have to take in order to get ready for the installation. Frameless showers are fragile and need extra attention in order to perform correctly.  To get started with your frameless shower preparation, here are four tips to follow.

Tip 1: Always be sure that the curb – the part of the shower you step over to enter , usually made up of granite,marble, or even a fiber glass basen – is pitched towards the drain to the point were the bubble in the level is 25% to 50% over the line.  This will allow drainage towards the shower pan.  NEVER use tiles on the threshold.  Tiles require grout lines and they are bound to be anything but even and flat and the grout lines will act as a pathway for water to travel under the door sweep.

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 Tip 2: Never have the shower head or jets aiming directly at the door.  Remember these are frameless showers, there job is simply to reflect water back inot the shower pan, not to act as a submersable devise.  These are NOT fish tanks.

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Tip 3: Make sure that any wall you intend to hinge against or close against is free from decorative tiles that stick off of the wall like pencil moldings or decorative chair rail moldings that protrude off of the wall more than 1/8″.

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Tip 4: If you have a door closing to a knee wall make sure that the vertical part of the knee wall is perpendicular to the door edge.

frameless shower nj

We have been frameless glass shower door specialists since 1992. We’re here to help you with all your shower construction and design. Our years of experience with all bathroom and shower types is sure to deliver in your dream shower. Give us a call to get started with your shower project.

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  • Ethel

    Thanks for the tips! Measuring the space for the frameless shower will prepare you for creating the ideal area. Getting the right pitch will prevent leaks and standing water! This was helpful advice!

  • David Hawkins

    There really seems to be a lot that goes into shower installations of these kind. For me, all the angles and math work might make it difficult to do this kind of thing on my own. I’m used to just throwing in the pre-built frame and caulking it up. I might need to hire out a contractor to do something this fancy with my home. Thanks for the great info!

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for these tips for getting a frameless shower. I actually didn’t know that the shower heads should be faced directly at the door, but I can definitely understand why, especially with the images you provided. My sister is thinking of getting a frameless shower, so this article could be good for her to know in the future.

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