The 2 Best Ideas That Will Transform Your Plain Glass Table Top into Custom Décor

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When furnishing your home, finding the right tables to complement your in-home design can be difficult. For New Jersey (NJ) residents, finding a glass table top to complement the décor is even more complicated, as there are so many great, local ideas floating around as to what to do with them.

Luckily, there are so many great things that you can do with a glass table top to help it match the décor of your home. In addition, help is available in finding the perfect place to locate the table your home, the type of glass and style that will best match your personality, assistance in the purchasing and installation processes.

When purchasing a glass table top, you can match it with any type of frame, from sit-in table tops to simple metal bottom frames for the table to rest on. The frame and the glass to not have to come together. In addition, you can get a custom table top to match any frame you may desire having.

Get a NJ provider of glass table tops to help you find the best style to fit your personality, décor and budget.

After you buy that glass table top, you don’t have to be done with your decoration. Here are two of the best ideas we’ve seen in using a glass table top to spice up the decoration in your household.

Use It as a Display

One of the great things – and most obvious – about glass table tops is that you can see through them. This makes them easy to use as displays for sentimental pieces, and help give the decorations in your apartment a personal touch.

glass table top design nj

Put photos, collection items, or books – really anything level or flat – underneath your glass table top in order to showcase some of your personality while you eat and converse with friends. Some of the nicest examples use custom or original pieces from their home, like sea shells or knick-knacks to display under their glass.


With a glass table top, the decorating possibilities are endless. But if you’re looking for that cleaner look, there are ways that you can alter the glass itself to give it a little more customization, while also getting the modern and simplistic look that glass provides by nature.

Consider Custom Etching

In order to transform your table into a more elegant piece, consider finding an artist to create some custom etching on your new glass table top. This will add some personality to your new table top while keeping the clean modern feel that is often desired when purchasing these tables.

Some beautiful examples include scenes from nature, animals or simple patterns that add a little more to the glass table top without making it look and feel cluttered.

glass table top design nj


If none of these options appeal to you, consider just leaving plain. The glass will make the room look bigger, cleaner and more modern while also providing functionality for your home.

At Allied Glass and Mirror, we design, fabricate and install a complete line of glass table tops in NJ and surrounding areas. For more information about our products and services, contact us.

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  • Taylor Hansen

    I like how you mentioned finding a tabletop that has a custom etching on the table. My wife and I want to order a custom glass tabletop to put in our dining room for our new house. It sounds like a good idea to find one that is durable and is easy to clean.

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