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For many people, one of the toughest cleaning and household jobs is cleaning the bathroom, and there can often be tricky areas in there such as the glass shower doors that give you the most issues. Glass, in general, is not an easy material to clean, as you run the risk of water marks and smears appearing. But shower glass doors tend to have more problems such as limescale and dirt that can build up. This can mean that often different methods are worth trying to get those glass shower doors sparkling once more. With that in mind, here are some suggestions. 

Bathroom Cleaner

Many of you will have your favorite bathroom cleaner that you use time and time again, and this can be an excellent way to clean up your glass shower doors. Many of them will have a build up of water marks, dirt and scum that is created over time, so a great tip is to spray the cleaner onto the doors and leave for a few minutes to allow them to work their magic. Then with a clean cloth or sponge, you can buff the glass with the cleaner to remove the dirt. It is always best to then wipe the glass again with another clean cloth to avoid water marks appearing. 

White Vinegar

Some people prefer to use products they have in the home, and white vinegar can be a cheap and excellent way to clean the glass shower doors. A great tip is to use equal measures of warm white vinegar and dish washer soap and combine in a spray bottle. You can then spray onto the glass shower doors and again leave for a few minutes for it to work its magic. The soap works through any grease on the glass doors and the vinegar helps to clean it away. Again once you have used it, use a clean cloth to wipe away and dry the glass shower doors to avoid any marks being left. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is another ingredient that many people will have in their cupboards, and it is an excellent way to scrub away any areas of scum or dirt that look like they may be harder to clean. This can work well for glass shower doors that may not have been cleaned in a while. You must first create a paste with the baking soda. Mix the baking soda with just enough water to create a paste and then sponge all over the glass shower doors. Then use a cloth to buff them clean and the roughness of the baking soda acts as a scrub to cut through any ingrained dirt. 

Lemon Juice

The use of lemon juice around the home when it comes to cleaning is endless, and it is great on glass shower doors. This is a more fragrant option than using white vinegar, and can leave your bathroom and shower smelling fresh. There are two ways you can use lemons when it comes to cleaning glass shower doors. The first method is to squeeze the juice of three lemons with some water into a spray bottle. You can then spray the liquid onto the shower doors and leave for five minutes. Wiping away and then using a cloth to ensure the area is dry before finishing. Alternatively, you can dip one half of a whole lemon into baking soda and rub directly onto the glass shower doors. This is particularly good for harder elements of dirt and scum. Then use the other cleaning methods to help clean any residue off the doors. 

How Can You Keep it Clean For Longer?

Are there any other ways you can keep your glass shower doors cleaner for longer? Here are some suggestions. 

Using Shower Sprays After Use

There are products out there that you can buy that will enable you to attempt to keep your glass shower doors cleaner for longer. These sprays are for use after a shower, and you would simply spray the doors once you have finished and enable the cleaner to work. Always follow the instructions that are on the labels to ensure you use these products correctly. 

Be Conscious of The Soaps You Are Using 

Another thing to do would be to be conscious of the soaps that you are using in the shower. Some may leave more marks and cause more problems to your glass shower doors than others. If you notice that there is a build of scum faster than usual, it could be down to the soap being used in the shower. 

Hopefully, this has given you some pointers on how to clean your glass shower doors. 

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