Family Safety: Why You Need a Glass Shower Door

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In New Jersey (NJ), redecorating your bathroom often comes with the replacement of your shower structure, and naturally, your shower door. For many homeowners, upgrades often include glass shower doors for aesthetic appeal and a cleaner, more modern look.

Glass shower doors are better for your home and for your family for more reasons than appealing design and aesthetics. Glass shower doors can improve the safety of your bathroom and your living experience.

In some cases, those who go to purchase a glass shower door can think it’s a risky investment, should it shatter and prove not only a functional issue but a safety issue for the family. In order to keep this from happening, shower glass door manufacturers work to minimize this risk with a specific type of hardened glass.

For more information about specialty hardened glass, contact your local NJ shower glass door provider to discuss how a glass shower door would improve the look and safety of your home.

In the mean time, consider the following information about the true risks of installing a glass shower door – of which there are few that aren’t mitigated by proper installation and manufacturing.

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What Are the Risks?

Any glass that you use in your home is liable to breakage. On that note – there is a possibility that any door structure you put into your bathroom could break and cause a functional problem for you and your family.

The risk of using a frameless glass shower door is similar to this problem, and can raise issues simply for the reason that it does not include a frame. This same risk is true of any design features without a frame and made of glass in a bathroom.

If the door breaks while a person is having a shower, the possibility of harm could make this seem like too big a risk to consider installation. But the reality is that the possibility of this happening is slim to none, as most glass shower doors are made with a special type of safety class to prevent this from happening.

Why Don’t I Need to Be Concerned About Shower Glass Safety?

Manufacturers realize the risk that shower glass doors present, and they use a special type of hardened glass that minimizes the risk of shattering. This special type of glass mitigates all of the safety risks seen with installing a frameless shower glass door.

In a typical shower glass door, the glass is designed to break off into small, uniformly-shaped pieces with rounded edges so should they break, it will minimize the possibility of providing any harm. The rounded edges make it so when stepped on or touched, there is a less possibility of harming oneself.

If the door were to break off into little pieces with sharp sides, there would be a greater risk of harm to the person in the shower. This harm would be much greater, possibly causing a trip to the hospital such as when a window breaks. Shower glass door manufacturers make sure this doesn’t happen during the manufacturing process, protecting yourself and your family.

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So, shower glass door manufacturers help provide safety on two different levels – manufacturing the door with shatter proof glass to prevent the breakage of the door in the first place and the ensuring that if the glass does shatter, it will break into small pieces that wouldn’t harm the owners to begin with.

As it stands, there is minimal to no risk in the decision to  install a frameless glass shower door in your bathroom. It will improve the mood, aesthetics and the safety of your home in the long run.

At Allied Glass and Mirror, we design, fabricate and install a complete line of glass shower doors in NJ and surrounding areas. For more information about our products and services, contact us.

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