5 Tips for Keeping Your Frameless Glass Shower Doors Clean

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Spring is here and New Jersey (NJ) is preparing for the summer months. That means spring cleaning and more – pulling out all the spring and summer decorations for a better, lighter, more open home.

For many NJ residents, this means unlatching the windows and doors shut tight through the cold winter months, and in addition, letting in all that pollen and dust that’s floating around in NJ during the springtime. It’s for this reason that many partake in the ultimate springtime ritual – spring cleaning.

That spring cleaning will more than likely including a top to bottom wash-down of your glass shower enclosure.

Below are some tips on how to best keep your frameless glass shower doors clean as a NJ resident.

Tip #1: Buy a Squeegee

There is nothing worse than streaks left over by glass cleaners on a large glass shower enclosure. Get a squeegee and use it during your spring cleaning – but don’t put it away!

To keep your glass looking as clean and clear as it was brand new, take a moment to squeegee your doors each time you step out of the shower. This keeps water from sitting too long on the glass and accumulating water spots.

The glass will stay clear and beautiful, and when the next spring rolls through NJ, you’ll have a lot less spring cleaning to do.

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Tip #2: Use Glass Guard

There are all types of glass guard that you can buy and apply to your glass shower doors to help prevent water spots and streaks after your routine showers. These will help to seal and protect your shower glass.

The surface protectant creates a barrier between the glass material and the soapy water, repelling them from one another. You can also buy shield and guards for porcelain tiles or other types of material used in the interior of your shower to help keep it looking beautiful.

Tip #3: Non-abrasive Cleaners and Sponges Are Your Best Friend

Frameless glass shower doors can collect dirt and other debris from dirty shower water. In order to clear away a majority of the dirt, the use of non-abrasive cleaners and sponges are the best option.

These cleaners will not damage, corrode or scratch the shower glass and hardware. Some non-abrasive cleaners include Lysol, Windex and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Avoid using abrasive brushes and sponges that can mark up the glass and leave behind scratches or unwanted marks.

Tip #4: Mild, All-Natural Cleaning Materials and Soft Water Won’t Hurt the Glass

The cloth material or sponge used to clean your glass is best when all-natural. This will keep your shower smelling nice. In addition, all-natural products are often bio-degradable, giving you the added benefit of not damaging any pipes when washed away.

After you’re done cleaning, give your shower a cold water rinse in soft water and use the squeegee!

Tip#5: Minimize the Amount of Suds

Finally, if using a soapy cleanser, minimize the amount of suds that bubble on the glass surface during your cleaning session.

The suds will make your frameless shower glass door slick with the water spots and streaks, and may not even be too much for the squeegee to clean completely. Minimizing the amount of suds will help keep your shower glass clear.

framless shower doors nj

Eventually, no matter how much cleaning you do, your shower glass is going to get scummy from overuse and time.

When this happens, contact your local NJ frameless shower glass door distributer and ask about new and improved options to turn your bathroom into the beautiful oasis it deserves to be.

At Allied Glass and Mirror, we design, fabricate and install a complete line of frameless and semi-frameless shower doors in NJ and surrounding areas. For more information about our products and services, contact us.

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  • Danny Poland

    After going to just about every glass dealer and plumbing supply, in two counties, looking for a quality shower door at a reasonable I found Allied Glass and Mirror.
    Frank was the most knowledgeable person I met. He was professional and reliable. When I called, he quickly came out for an estimate. I contracted that day. He
    said I would have the shower door within two weeks. He installed it in less than two weeks! I could not have been happier with the experience and highly recomend Allied for any glass needs.

  • Johnny McCarron

    I’m thinking about getting a frameless shower door, but I’m worried about suds making my door look bad. I’m happy that you talked about how to clean them properly. Do you have any other tips about getting a good one installed in your home? I don’t know much about how to get a good shower door installed, but I really think that it could go a long way to know how to find the right place.

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