The 3 Most Popular Frameless Glass Shower Designs

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Living near the beach is fantastic for the sun, sand and fun. For Ocean County residents, it often comes with unique architecture and homes built for luxury and elegance.  For these New Jersey (NJ) customers close to the beach, having an elegant and luxurious home is optimal.

In Ocean County, frameless glass shower doors go with the look and feel of the beach, a design that many NJ residents strive for in their vacation and residential homes. The glass enclosures provide a view of the landscape if the bathroom has windows, and when correctly maintained, bring a clean and crisp feel to the entire bathroom design.

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There are three types of frameless glass shower enclosures that are the most popular, and this is you guide to choosing the one that’s best for you.

When searching for an Ocean County shower door provider, consider the three types of shower doors below, in-line showers, 90 degree showers and neoangle showers. The right provider will be able to find the correct type of enclosure for your home, as well as bring you step-by-step through the purchasing and installation process.

Traditional Architecture: In-Line Showers

In-line showers consist of three walls and an opening through which you enter the shower. Typically hung with a shower curtain over a bath tub vessel, in-line showers are very popular in second or third bathrooms in a standard Ocean County, NJ household.

While many in-line showers have a bath tub, not all do, and a frameless glass shower door can make the shower experience more spacious.

A glass shower door will make this basic enclosure more elegant, allowing you to show off tiling or stone walls carefully chosen by you or your family to make the shower enclose feel like and home and fit your personality.

Now, you can take that personality to the next level of luxury from what used to be a basic standard shower with a frameless glass shower door.

Tucked In the Corner: 90 Degree Showers

Typically, a 90 degree shower is built in a corner of the bathroom. The enclosure can sometimes feel crowded or cramped when enveloped by curtains or solid walls.

Because of its square nature, the cramped space can feel tucked in the corner as opposed to a prominent feature that adds to the elegance of the room as a whole.

A glass door can help make this shower more spacious and elegant, helping it pop from the corner to a stand-out feature that will transform the whole room.

In addition, the whole bathroom will feel larger as there will be less dividing structures jutting out into the center of the floor. The glass will blend seamlessly with any type of architecture.

Spacious and Angular: Neoangle Showers

Showers with multiple angles of various sizes are known as neoangle showers. They are most often very spacious and can come in many sizes.

Detailed granite or marble walls and floors make the shower enclosure more prominent, and when accompanied by a frameless glass shower door, the architecture of the bathroom as well as the time spent designing the shower itself will stand out.

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If you’re designing a bathroom from scratch, considering these features ahead of time will make the construction process go more smoothly, and help bring more elegance and balance into your home. Finding a local Ocean County, NJ glass shower door provider will help the selection and installation process run as smoothly as possible.

At Allied Glass and Mirror, we design, fabricate and install a complete line of frameless and semi-frameless shower doors in NJ and surrounding areas. For more information about our products and services, contact us.

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