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Guardian ShowerGuard

Unlike spray-on products, the protection of ShowerGuard never breaks down, never needs to be reapplied. And unlike other so-called permanent shower protection products, ShowerGuard is backed by a robust 
limited lifetime warranty.


ShowerGuard permanently seals the surface of the glass for lasting beauty with less maintenance. Using patented ion-beam technology, an invisible protective coating is fused to the surface, filling the peaks and valleys that occur naturally in glass and creating a smooth surface highly resilient to the dirt, soap and hard water buildup that dulls and etches ordinary glass.

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Starphire Ultra Glass by PPG IdeaScapes

Standard clear glass is actually far from clear. That’s why Guardian created UltraWhite. From the moment you see it, you’ll know what true clarity really looks like. The virtual absence of color makes UltraWhite glass the natural choice when neutral color and clarity count.

UltraWhite glass is manufactured with reduced iron content – low-iron glass is clearer. Our scientists have found that reducing the iron and using a new raw materials formula increases light transmission and reduces the greenish tint in clear glass that is most apparent when viewed from the edge. This green tint becomes more visible as regular float glass gets thicker.

The result is pure, sparkling, very clear glass.

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